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We review the most popular magic tricks as well as great tricks that have been overlooked by a lot of people. There are several dominant magic sites on the internet, and for the most part, they are dominant because they offer great tricks and value for the money. There are also smaller, lesser known sites that offer private and little known tricks that can absolutely bring your audience to its feet. We cover both ends of this spectrum.

For the most part, our reviews focus on close-up, street magic.  While the large stage illusions are spectacular in their effects, they are also spectacular in their cost and set-up time. There is something very special about close-up magic that fascinates both young and old.

That's why David Blaine is at his best when he's ambushing unsuspecting pedistrians, then amazing them with close-up street magic. It is the in-your-face, catch-me-if-you-can competition between the spectator and performer that makes that type of performance especially appealing to us.

We like to fool you, and, most of all, we like to be fooled. On the rare occasions that we are fooled, we're always left with the gnawing feeling in our brain that craves to know, and won't let us rest until we've found out the secret of that special trick.

Are you that type of person? If so, then Magic Trick Reviews is your type of website.

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 Best Torn Card Restore

The Best Torn Card Restoration ... Ever!

Featured Review

5 star

Frozen Quarter featured


Your have to see this one to believe it.  One of the best tricks to come along in a long time!

A spectator wraps his own quarter in a plain napkin, You don't touch either the napkin or coin until the spectator hands it to you. You then begin to blow icey breath on the napkin, causing it to become frosty and ice cold. You unwrap the quarter and, leaving it sitting by itself on the napkin, without even touching it, then blow on the quarter causing it to frost over and freeze! Read our complete review

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  • Get your number on a girl's arm and as you walk away, say, 'Oh, can I give you my number?'
  • Have someone think of any word or image and have it appear on them.
  • Have one person send a thought to someone else and the thought they 'send' materializes onto the receiving spectator...
  • A selected card appears on a spectator...
  • A dictionary is borrowed!... the pages are flipped through and you are told to stop. THEY point to a word, it is written on them. This is a KILLER. More info 



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